Our Favorite Places to Enjoy Suavva

Our new delicious Suavva Cacao Smoothie flavors harness the nutrient rich goodness of cacao pulp to fuel your body for sustained energy all day long. The sleek Suavva portable bottles are sturdy, slender, and compact enough to throw in your bag and power you throughout your busy life. Cacao is a fantastic source of B […]


The Breakdown: HPP Cold Pressed

Suavva’s cold pressed technique allows us to extract a greater nutrient content from fruits, resulting in a superior product with longer shelf life. Our smoothies are pressed and bottled daily and should be refrigerated to retain nutrients. What exactly does the cold pressed technique entail, you may be wondering. Read more below to find out! […]

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Why Cacao Fruit?

Many of us have heard of Cacao Fruit and Cacao seeds. But there is a part of the cacao pod that is quite tasty and contains very important health benefits – the pulp! Cacao Fruit are funky, football-shaped pods that grow on trees in tropical regions. It is commonly known that the cacao fruit is […]


5 Tips to Boost Your Energy  

The hustle and bustle of life can easily bring different levels of stress into our lives, but what are we doing to alleviate the negative energy? How are we overcoming the negative with positive energy? Whether it’s a concentrated method of breathing, a few minutes of yoga, or participating in a physical activity that brings […]