The Breakdown: HPP Cold Pressed

Suavva’s cold pressed technique allows us to extract a greater nutrient content from fruits, resulting in a superior product with longer shelf life. Our smoothies are pressed and bottled daily and should be refrigerated to retain nutrients.

What exactly does the cold pressed technique entail, you may be wondering. Read more below to find out!

Cold Squeezed Process
There are few differences between traditional juicing at home compared to HPP Cold Squeezed Process.

When you juice your fruits or vegetables at home, you normally pour your juice in a glass and drink it. The immediacy of use prevents oxygen and microbes from interacting with the juice and spoiling it1. Juice manufacturers do not have the luxury of providing you the juice right after they have squeezed or produced it. As a result, the HPP Cold Squeezed Process was developed to solve the main issue of storing nutrients and freshness adequately before it arrives in your glass.

In cold pressure juicing, the cold juices produced are bottled, sealed and placed in very large chambers. These chambers are then filled with cold water, resulting in high amounts of crushing pressure on the bottles. This intense pressure inactivates the microbes and pathogens, ensuring a healthy, safe and vibrant tasting product is delivered to every customer’s refrigerator2.

The HPP Cold Squeezed Process may be used with any kind of fruits or vegetable, giving the customer many options to choose from, while ensuring a majority of the juice can be extracted.

For citrus products such as limes, lemons, grapefruit and oranges, high-speed extractors are used to extract all of the tasty and nutritious juices available, resulting in a flavorful and nutritious drink that will last in your refrigerator weeks.

HPP Cold Squeezed Process may be considered to be a next step for “cold pressing” the fruits and vegetables. Experienced juicers are very acquainted with the term “cold pressed,” as it is known as the premium method of juicing. A major benefit of cold pressing juices is the elimination of heat in the process, which can destroy nutrients and negatively alter the taste of the juice3.

Cold pressed juices are getting more and more popular these days as celebrities, athletes and health practitioners recommend them highly. However, without the high-pressure processing technology, cold pressed juices are very perishable.

The HPP Cold Squeezed Process is the ultimate solution for people who want their juice to contain rich and vibrant flavors with all the benefits of a freshly squeezed juice. The process delivers high quality “cold pressed” juices that can be stored for weeks instead of days.

Suavva is proud to preserve the nutritious goodness of cacao fruit smoothies through the HPP Cold Squeezed process.


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