Q How many cacao fruits are needed to make a bottle of Suavva
A The refreshing cacao juice is precious indeed. Each cacao fruit pod is about as large as a pineapple, three grapefruits, or a coconut, yet it is made up mostly of husk and seeds, so there is very little juice and pulp. It takes 25 cacao fruits to produce a single quart of cacao juice!

Q Where does cacao come from?
A Cacao fruit, also known as the cacao pod, comes from cacao trees that originated in the foothills of the Andes, and today is grown in many countries in the tropics throughout the world.

Q Does Suavva contain any refined sugar?
A No. Suavva juices are made with cacao juice, organic agave nectar, and various types of fruits, all of which contain natural sugars.

Q How many calories are there per serving of Suavva juice?
A Most Suavva juices contain between100 and 150 calories per 8 oz.serving, or 130 to 200 calories per one full bottle.

Q Where is the juice from?
A Suavva cacao puree is imported from cacao-producing regions in tropical countries.

Q Which are the antioxidants in Suavva?
A Suavva cacao juices not only contain vitamin C, a common form of antioxidant, but also contain abundant polyphenols and flavonoids, and in some cases lycopenes, all of which are powerful antioxidant agents.

Q What are antioxidants?
A Antioxidants are nutrients found in certain foods which can slow the damage caused as our body cells use up oxygen. Just like iron rusts or “oxidizes” when exposed to the oxygen in the air, cells in our bodies oxidize. The antioxidants help restore the cells to their original condition. Cell oxidation contributes to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses, so antioxidants can help protect your body and may increase immune defense.

Q What is theobromine?
A Theobromine is one substance that may give Suavva its natural mood boost, and is a close relative of caffeine, which is found in coffee, giving it its energy boost. Theobromine helps blood vessels dilate, thereby carrying more oxygen to your brain and heart and increasing your performance. This substance was called theobromine because it is found naturally only in the cacao fruit, which has the scientific name “theobroma cacao”, meaning “food of the gods”.

Q What is the difference between Suavva and chocolate?
A Suavva comes from the sweet pulp of the cacao fruit, so it has a naturally sweet and refreshing taste. Chocolate is made from the seeds of the cacao fruit, which are bitter (as in pure dark chocolate), plus cocoa butter, sugar, and milk for milk chocolate.

Q Why is Suavva great for your heart?
A Many doctors believe that a great way to prevent heart disease and even to restore damage that occurs naturally with ageing is to consume abundant antioxidants. Suavva naturally contains many types of antioxidants and what’s more comes from the only fruit rich in theobromine – a natural substance that helps blood carry more oxygen to your heart and brain, enhancing your performance.

Q What are the benefits of drinking Suavva daily?
A Eating fruits and vegetables is essential to a balanced diet. Since Suavva is a form of liquid form of fruit, it provides nutrients, natural carbohydrates, and antioxidants that are good for your heart and health. Suavva comes to you thanks to a twenty-first century process that ensures that all these nutrients and antioxidants reach you unaltered.

Q Can children drink Suavva?
A Children who are old enough to eat fruit can drink Suavva.

Q What does Suavva taste like?
A Pure natural Suavva Amazing Cacao Smoothie has its own unique flavor which is nothing like chocolate. Suavva Blissful Berry Cacao Smoothie combines that flavor with the wonderful rich accents of fresh berries.  Suavva Merry Mango Cacao Smoothie pops with the taste of fresh mangoes.  And Suavva Chocolatey Cheer Cacao Smoothie is the first beverage ever to blend the magnificent contrasting flavors of cacao puree and cocoa powder into a familiar yet incredibly vibrant real Chocolatey taste.

Q Why do Suavva and chocolate taste different, if they come from the same fruit?
A Suavva comes straight from the pure pulp of the cacao fruit, which is naturally sweet. Chocolate, however, is made from the seeds, known as cocoa beans, which have to be dried and roasted before the components of chocolate are pressed; these beans are naturally bitter.

Q Does Suavva contain any cocoa butter?
A No. Suavva comes from the pure pulp of the cacao fruit. Cacao butter, which is the source of many of the fats in chocolate, comes from the seeds of the cacao fruit.

Q How many Suavvas can I drink a day?
A Drinking Suavva is much like “drinking” fruit, so you can have as many Suavva servings per day as you would have fruit servings.

Q Why does Suavva have a citric taste?
A Pure Suavva cacao juice is sweet, yet it contains significant amounts of vitamin C, which is the same component that gives oranges, limes, lemons, tangerines, and grapefruits their citric taste.

Q How long have Suavva and cacao juices been available?
A For centuries, plantation hands have enjoyed cacao juice freshly extracted from the cacao fruit. Suavva brings that healthy, sweet, fresh cacao juice outside the cacao farms and straight to the consumer worldwide, thanks to new technology developed in the first decade of the twenty first century.

Q Is Suavva a health drink or an energy drink?
A Suavva is a healthy superfood drink. Yet it packs a lot of energy entirely from natural sources.

Q What is Agave Nectar?
A Agave Nectar is the syrup extracted from the succulent agave plant which has been used for centuries as a food ingredient.  It has a much lower glycemic index than granular sugars.

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