Our Favorite Places to Enjoy Suavva

Our new delicious Suavva Cacao Smoothie flavors harness the nutrient rich goodness of cacao pulp to fuel your body for sustained energy all day long. The sleek Suavva portable bottles are sturdy, slender, and compact enough to throw in your bag and power you throughout your busy life. Cacao is a fantastic source of B vitamins, iron, and antioxidants; it helps to energize cells and fight off fatigue. Here are the five places we enjoy taking our Suavva smoothies.


During a midday slump you might be tempted to reach for another cup of coffee, but instead choose Suavva! Too much caffeine can have adverse effects on your concentration leading to restlessness and anxiety. Suavva’s satisfying sweet flavor and vitamins will replenish your cells and provide the pick me up that long days require. We suggest keeping a few in the office fridge, but then you can’t blame coworkers for stealing them.


We believe that every student should consider the Merry Mango Suavva smoothie a study session ‘must-have’. With 50mg of Potassium and 20% Vitamin A, this smoothie helps to energize your mind and body. It also contains Thiamin, which boosts neurotransmitters in the brain improving memory.1 And those with folic acid deficiency experience forgetfulness and sluggishness, two states a hard working student does not want to find themselves in.2 Merry Mango Suavva smoothies are a rewarding drink to get you through a cram session and still sleep soundly at night.


It’s important to exercise for 20-30 minutes a day to lower stress and improve overall mood. Suavva Smoothies are a fantastic pre or post workout drink for those doing moderate exercise or physical activity. Drink before a workout and the carbohydrates in the smoothies can help to boost your energy levels.3 Post workout, try a replenishing Chocolatey Cheer smoothie instead of chocolate milk. It is a delicious way to replenish the body with potassium, magnesium, and sodium along with energizing B vitamins.


When you’re on vacation it’s easy to throw healthy eating habits to the wayside and indulge in decadent foods. An escape from the day to day is the ultimate excuse to eat for pleasure and not nutrition. Suavva Smoothies can help to balance out rich meals that might be lacking in vitamin content. The Blissful Berry smoothie, aptly named, contains 80mg of Potassium, 19% Vitamin B6. These two vitamins work together to help fight free radicals from the sun. Next time you’re on vacation, enjoy a chilled bottle of Suavva by the pool and know you’re doing something good for your health and well-being.


Suavva Smoothies are sure to bring additional cheer to your next gathering with their naturally sweet taste and feel-good properties. Suavva boosts your energy with minerals, vitamins, and has no refined sugar. Since Suavva is vegan and gluten free, you’ll be a wonderful hostess to those guests with special dietary needs. Get ready to impress friends by serving exotic and refreshing cacao juice smoothies!

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