How To Cut Your Smoothie Making Time In Half

It’s no big secret, making smoothies is a chore. No matter how much automation your blender has, or how many programs presets it comes with, there is still quite a bit of work.

For example, the basic smoothie making tasks are:

  1. Wash and clean fruits and veggies
  2. Cut, if needed, to sizes that fit your blender
  3. Blend ingredients
  4. Pour from Full-Size jar into your cup
  5. Wash blender container and all of the blender accessories

In reality, there’sĀ no real way to cut down on many of these tasks in a significant way.

But there is hope. What if I told you there was a way to cut down your smoothie making time in half?

The Trick

The trick, is to make multiple servings at once, rather than one serving at a time!

If there’s some concern about freshness or potentness of a refrigerated smoothie, there are some generally accepted practices.

  • Best: Fresh. Do single-servings every time
  • Good: Refrigerated. Make a dual-serving. Consume one smoothie immediately, and save the other smoothie in the refrigeratorĀ (up to 24 hours)

How To Store Smoothies For Later

Steps to help make a refrigerated smoothie last as long as possible:

  1. Buy an airtight glass jar (one that fits a one-serving smoothie)
  2. Fill the jar up to the lid mark. You want to ideally leave zero air at the top of the jar when its closed

We recommend the following jars: