Ninja Blender CT815 Review

Ninja Blender CT815 – Full-Size and Single-Serve With One Blender

If you are looking for a new blender, you likely have seen everything there is to see on sale, and still, have no idea what to buy. Some blenders come with remarkable power but cost a fortune. Others are a great value but are missing features that would be very helpful to you. Where can you look for a blender that is affordable, and also primed to blend just about any food? Look no further.


You would like a blender that comes with many useful features overall. It should be able to come with multiple presets so that you can minimize the effort involved with setting the blender up. This means for each type of food that you would like to blend, there is no more guesswork when it comes to power and blending time.


It is also true that you would like a blender where you can adjust the speed of its blade. There are times where a slower blade speed is better when blending certain foods, and it is important to have a blender to help you blend all kinds of foods in the best possible methods.


You also would like a blender that lasts a long time; one that is highly durable and not prone to malfunctioning or failing parts. Many good blenders come with lengthy warranties so that you can feel confident that you end up with a working blender.


Furthermore, you want a quality blender that you can buy at a reasonable price. For most homeowners, it is not enough to buy any old blender that works for the bare minimum. You would like to set a decent budget for a blender that satisfies your personal needs, rather than just blend fruit.

Ninja Chef CT815A Overview

Today, we will show you to the Ninja Chef DUO CT815A. This is a very reliable blender that blends smarter, not harder. The DUO is 18 inches tall and weighs 19.33 pounds. This is a fairly large blender that offers a decent motor to it, but this certainly is a blender that delivers grade-A results at a price that is below two hundred dollars.


The DUO offers Ninja Chef’s widest speed range, so it is capable of chopping, blending, and grinding all kinds of foods as thorough as you would like. Whether you want to drink a delicious fruit smoothie or a fruit punch with pulp, there are many settings for you to try.

Who Makes The Ninja CT815

Ninja Chef is a brand that is committed to excellence in every appliance that they manufacture. The team behind amazing blenders such as this one take great pride in creating products that are not only affordable but easy to use and ahead of the curve, compared to other brands on the market.


This recent version of the Ninja Chef blender offers a sleek, smooth design with a black body and a metallic trim. This design makes the blender easier than ever to clean. Included with a blender are the base, a 72-ounce pitcher, a lid, a vented lid cap, a tamper, a 24-ounce cup, a cup lid and a miniature recipe book.

Quick Start Guide For The CT815

The DUO has six buttons and a pushable rotary dial that is surrounded by a digital screen. The buttons features are the:


  • power button
  • “clean”
  • “IQ”
  • “manual”
  • “timer”
  • “pulse.

Program Settings


When turned on, the digital screen displays ten options you can set your blend setting to, including “smoothie”, “soup”, and “ice cream”, “nut butter”, “dip/salsa”, “dressing”, “flour/mill”, “puree”, “frozen drink” and “extract”.


Pushing the dial in will confirm your selection, and pushing it in again will stop blending. This is an easy-to-understand blender where elements of old combined with elements of new.


The digital screen will adjust to the setting that you have chosen, so when you confirm your desired setting, the screen will display various other features, including a clock and a timer. The user interface is very simple and straightforward, and people old and young will enjoy how this interface performs.

Automatic vs Manual

There are automatic as well as manual settings to this blender, in modes that are labeled “IQ” and “manual”. As mentioned previously, if you have a select food item you are looking to blend, you can choose an automatic preset and not worry about anything else. These setting have worked for us ranging from decent to great.


As for the “manual” setting, this allows you to have variable speed control. The speed of the DUO’s blades ranges from 7000 to 18000 RPM, which is an incredible range. You can even opt to use the blender to dice vegetables for cooking.


When blending, blending times are all relatively short. It makes take you minutes to thoroughly blend fruit with an older blender, but this blender greatly reduces the time it takes to complete blends in the ways that you prefer.

Automatic Clean

As for the “clean” option, it is capable of cleaning itself. Just add dish detergent with some hot water, and it will mix around the container when you turn it on. This saves you a lot of time and effort cleaning the container by hand.


With its 1500-watt motor, this blender works to blend the toughest of foods and can liquify them into smoothies, butters, pastes, purees, and salsas, thanks to its technologically advanced blades. These blades possess a unique cyclonic property that pulls food and other content downward to ensure the best contact with the blades every blend.

Blends The Easiest To Toughest Ingredients

The Ninja Chef blender is capable of blending items hot or cold, big or small, hard or soft. You can even blend your very own peanut butter by simple pouring in peanuts and other essential ingredients. Thanks to its variable speeds, you can either make your peanut butter smooth or chunky.


From all the different types of foods that you can blend over time, this blender holds up very well. Its blades will remain sharpened time after time, and the motor does not cause the product to wear out after each use.


This blender is designed to be stable for the toughest of blending jobs. The base has suctioned feet, which means that the blender will not move and shake. This will prevent the blender from falling to the floor when you least expect it to.

New Blades

Like the Ninja CT810, The CT815 comes with an all-new container that uses a new blade design. The blades look similar to what Vitamix and Blendtec use in their blenders.




ninja-blender-ct815-tamperAnother new feature for the Ninja blenders is a tamper. This tamper is a big help when it comes to blending tough ingredients like frozen fruits or vegetables. It is a huge improvement to the blending experience from previous Ninja blenders.

As a whole, this product feels very professional. It feels like a five or six hundred dollar product when holding it in your hands. After examining all the parts that make up this blender, it is a well-built device inside and out.

All That Power Comes With A Side Effect

As you might guess, this blender is very loud. The motor roars throughout the kitchen, making it one of the loudest appliances that you can buy. You can try to suppress this noise by placing the Ninja Chef on a rubber mat.


The recipe book included with this Ninja Chef blender includes 35 recipes that you can refer to for reference or inspiration on what to blend. This can easily show you that the blender is capable of doing a lot to help you make meals and desserts, rather than just make juice.

CT810 vs CT815

The CT810 and CT815 are virtually identical blenders. The biggest difference between the two is:

CT810 To-Go Cup

CT810 comes with a To-Go Cup. This cup is used to pour ingredients from the full-size jar into the To-Go Cup.

CT815 To-Go Tumbler

CT815 comes with a To-Go Tumbler. This To-Go Tumbler doesn’t require the use of the full-size jar. Instead, it comes with its own blade assembly, so that you can put the Tumbler directly onto the blender. No need for the full-size container, thus making it super quick to make a single-serving smoothie.


Alternative Blenders To Consider

If you are still looking at blenders, here are some other blenders that you might consider as well.


Vitamix Professional Series 750


Vitamix is the global leader in blending today. As you can tell, however, they make state-of-the-art blenders for a lot more money. The 750 capable of being a very versatile blender, like the DUO, with variable speeds, many presets, and a pulse feature. The dial is also very similar, but there is no digital screen.


This is a blender that is equally as stable as the Ninja Chef, but it is significantly lighter, and with a 1200-watt motor, it is slightly less noisy. Sometimes, less is more, and it can be worth the money to get a blender that is easier to handle.


Oster Versa Pro Series Blender


The Oster Versa is a stylish blender that has a 1400-watt motor. Oster touts this blender as one that has easy to read measurements, a blade that spins at 28,000 RPM, and connector pieces made of metal instead of plastic, to ensure a long life.


Included with this blender are not one, but two cookbooks. While there are fewer presets than the Ninja Chef DUO, these cookbooks can show you how to make salsas, soups, and much more with its manual features. If you are an aspiring chef or cook and want a fair amount of assistance from a blender, this would be a great one to buy.


Cuisinart CBT-2000 2.25 Peak Hurricane Pro Blender


The Cuisinart CBT-2000 comes with even more power than the Ninja Chef DUO. At 2.25 horsepower, this translates to nearly 1700 watts of power. What is more surprising is that it is fairly quiet.


The pitcher on this blender has a cylinder shape to it, giving you more room in the pitcher than normal. This is slightly older than the Ninja Chef DUO, but if you are looking to get even more power for even less money, you cannot go wrong with this blender.




The Ninja Chef DUO CT815A simply comes with incredible value. With great blending power, a wide array of presets, great arrays of speed and time options, a self-cleaning feature, loads of stability and a timeless design, it is really an all-on-one device to consider for the kitchen.


If you are looking for that one mighty upgrade from your older blender, this would be it. Any other consumers that have looked at other blenders after looking at the DUO CT815A have either been disappointed by their higher prices or their lack of features.


To get a better look at the Ninja Chef DUO CT815A, click here.