Ninja CT810 Blender Review

The Ninja Blender Most Like A Vitamix

ninja-blender-ct810-controlsWhen I decided that I was going to eat healthier, I knew that I had to make some significant changes to my lifestyle. Too often I was eating out and buying pre-processed foods that packed on the pounds faster than I could lose them.


One of the most significant problems for me was being able to prepare meals at home quickly and efficiently. I was always so tired from work and other responsibilities that the idea of spending an hour making something was so dreadful.


That’s when I found the Ninja CT810 Blender. What intrigued me about this model was that it could offer so much more than frozen drinks and smoothies. Ninja is well-known for allowing people to make a variety of dishes with a single machine, so I decided to give it a try.


I’m so glad I did.


Today I want to show you how the Ninja CT810 changed my life, and how it can transform yours as well.


What to Consider Before Buying a Blender

Buying a new blender was not at the forefront of my mind when I decided to start making my food. To me, a blender is only there for one purpose – to make smoothies. Sure, you can make some frozen cocktails, but that kind of stuff is counterintuitive to my healthy eating strategy.


If you’re stuck on finding a blender that does more than just mix ingredients into a frappe, then here are some things you may want to consider. These factors helped me discover and try the Ninja CT810.



If you’re like me, then you’re not preparing food for just yourself. When picking out a blender, it’s crucial to find one that fits your size needs. How much do you have to make at once? Some models are designed for single servings, whereas others have huge jars that can be kind of overwhelming.


The other thing to consider about the size is how much space it takes up on your counter. I have a big kitchen, so it’s not as much of a problem for me, but some countertops can be remarkably small. Plan accordingly.



If you can find a blender that’s rated in horsepower, then you know you’ve got a winner. However, these models are usually more expensive because you’re paying for extra versatility and reliability.


Unless you’re trying to blend whole fruits or something, you don’t have to go that far with your blender. Instead, pay attention to the wattage. The more watts it has, the easier it is to blend your ingredients properly.




One thing I like about the Ninja CT810 is that I can make more than just smoothies. Some blenders, however, are only designed for mixing drinks. When looking for the right model, see what kind of control options it has to ensure that you get everything you need.


Ninja CT810 Overview

If you’re familiar at all with the Ninja brand, you know that the company makes a variety of blenders. However, what intrigued me the most about the CT810 was the word “chef” in the title. Unlike other units, this one was designed for cooks who need to do more than make smoothies or cocktails.


What really sets the CT810 apart from everything else in the Ninja family is the abundance of alternate settings. Most blenders simply offer a power level so that you can blend faster or slower. With the Ninja CT810, you have additional options like salsa, ice cream, and dressings.


To make this model even better, it also comes with a smart IQ sensor built-in. Since I’m not familiar with how to prepare food in a blender, this setting ensures that I don’t ruin my next dish because I blended the ingredients too much (or not enough).


Overall, the Ninja CT810 is perfect for anyone who wants a multi-functional blender.


Features and Benefits

Are you ready to see how this blender can transform your life? It has everything you could need from this kind of product, and it offers so much more. Let’s take a look at all of the benefits you get when you buy the Ninja CT810.


Large 72 Ounce Jar

As I mentioned earlier, I’m rarely making food for just myself. One thing that I really like about this blender is the size. Fortunately, I’m not exactly short on counter space, so the bulk of this unit is not problematic for me, but even if you have a tiny kitchen, it’s still worth having such a reliable blender on hand.


With the large container, I can make enough of my dishes to feed my family and have leftovers afterward. Whether I’m mixing a batch of ice cream or salsa for taco night, I know that I won’t have to worry about running out. This is also helpful for when I have guests over, and we’re making mixed drinks in this blender.


Impact-Resistant Tumbler

While most of my meal preparation is making food for four, I also use the CT810 for my morning smoothie. I used to eat a standard breakfast of a bagel and coffee (or a doughnut and coffee, or a breakfast sandwich and coffee), so switching to a fruit and veggie filled smoothie has been great for my body.


Thankfully, this blender comes with a single-serving to-go cup already. This way I can make my drink in the morning, pour it into the tumbler and I’m ready to go. Best of all, the material is double-walled so that if I accidentally drop it, I don’t have to worry about shattered glass.

Blending Blades

ninja-blender-ct810-bladesThe blades in the Ninja CT810 are a new design for Ninja. In the past they mainly relied on a container blade and a drop-in blade combination. This new design is something similiar to what you’d see used in a Vitamix or Blendtec blender.

It’s a big improvement to their old design. Less moving parts equals better reliability and easier clean-up.

Auto-IQ System

More than anything else, having a smart blender is the primary reason I chose the CT810. Because I’ve never been much of a cook (particularly with this kind of device), it’s essential to have a system that takes the guesswork out of meal preparation.


There are 10 IQ settings from which to choose:


  • Flour/Mill – for making bread and other baked goods
  • Frozen Drinks – for Margarita Mondays (and Tuesdays, and Wednesdays…)
  • Extract – when you want to get all of the nutrients out of your food
  • Smoothie – self-explanatory
  • Soup – yes, you can prepare soup in this blender
  • Ice Cream – once you get the hang of it, homemade ice cream is so much better (and cheaper!)
  • Puree – you can do a lot with this setting, believe me
  • Dip/Salsa – Margarita Mondays are better when you have chips and dip to go with them
  • Dressing – making your own ranch or bleu cheese dressing is much more satisfying than I would have thought
  • Nut Butter – I love almond butter, and now I can make my own! So much cheaper than buying it from the health food store



ninja-blender-ct810-tamperOK, this is a big feature for the Ninja blender. The tamper is a huge benefit to blending great smoothies in a Vitamix, and it appears that the CT810 now uses a tamper. Huge improvement to the Ninja blender line.

As you can see, there are tons of options available with the Ninja CT810. I didn’t think that I would use a blender so much for meals and snack time, but I am now.


What’s also cool about having this feature is that it encourages you to experiment and create dishes you wouldn’t otherwise. I never thought about making my own ice cream or nut butter before, but now that it’s so easy, I’ve become accustomed to that level of homemade convenience (and affordability).


Alternative Blenders To The Ninja CT810

Because of the versatility offered by this blender, you can’t just compare it to any other model out there. You have to find another option that enables you to make a variety of dishes, which means that blenders that are focused solely on smoothie-making or extraction are not sufficient competition.


So, with that in mind, here’s what I found that compares to the Ninja CT810.


Ninja Kitchen System Pulse, BL200

If you want an upgrade to the CT810, I would suggest going with this model instead. The BL200 is designed to make all kinds of foods, and it has different components to make it easier. For example, there is a dough kneader included, as well as two single-serving tumblers. Ultimately, this is the best kitchen accessory if you want to make a lot of different meals from scratch.


Dash Chef Series Digital Blender

Although this blender doesn’t have quite as many food preparation options as the CT810, it’s still a step up from a standard model built for smoothies and nutrient extraction. There are six settings to choose from, and the control panel is about the same as the Ninja. However, it doesn’t come with a tumbler, so you have to provide your own smoothie beverage holder.


Brentwood 20-Piece Multipurpose Blender

If you’re looking for affordability more than anything, then this model is designed to provide a variety of food preparation options. The power and resilience are not as good as Ninja (or Dash, for that matter), but it’s a cost-effective choice. As long as you don’t use it too often, you can make it work.



Since incorporating the Ninja CT810 into my life, I’ve been able to eat a lot more fresh foods and pay attention to what’s going inside my body. I love the versatility offered by this all-in-one machine, and the smart settings mean that I there’s not a sharp learning curve either.


If you’re ready to make your own meals from scratch, I highly recommend getting the Ninja CT810 for your kitchen.

It comes in at a great price for all the features you get.